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Xbox Series X – Everything We Know About Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console

The former Project Scarlett is now the Xbox Series X, and the official declaration came from at The Game Awards 2019 from Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox. Since the new Microsoft console was announced at the E3 2019 and until now, we have gathered all the details, a declaration from Spencer, and one Jason Ronald, the director of the Program Management. Stay updated with everything you need to know about the next-generation console from Microsoft.

Former Project Scarlett Is Now Xbox Series X

The first detail about the next-generation from Microsoft was the name, Project Scarlett. But at The Game Awards 2019 event, we found out that the name of the console will be Xbox Series X. The company decided to stick with this name because of the flexibility they get when additional models of the console’s release in the future. Seven years have passed since the first Xbox was released. Now, the next console will come in 2020 around the holidays. Regarding the price of the Xbox Series X, we don’t have official information. Even at The Game Awards, nothing was said, and also, the pre-orders aren’t open.

Moreover, the design of the console isn’t looking lovely. The Xbox Series X looks like a desktop, but it is not that big. It has the wide of an Xbox One controller and has the height of three controllers. The new console will have the same design regarding the ports, like the Xbox One, on the back. On the front, you will see the Xbox button, the disk drive with the eject button. Also, we can’t forget the controller that is looking the same as the actual one from the Xbox One.

More about Xbox Series X

A difference exists – a Share button situated in the middle for pressing it any time when you want to take a screenshot. Besides this, the new controller has a modular hybrid d-pad, a curved back, and is smaller than the actual one. The company kept the controller the same for users to play on both Xbox Series S and Xbox One.

To sum up, the Xbox Series X will have backward compatibility for all the generations of consoles, and it comes with a faster GPU than what we saw until now. The CPU is more rapid and capable as well; quiet, with additional heat sinks and a fan. The console will support the Xbox Game Pass, and it will have the cloud base gaming from Microsoft, the Project xCloud. Also, the future game titles that will come for the Xbox Series X will be Halo Infinite, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Senua’s Saga, and Hellblade II.


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