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Xbox Series X and Series S on high demand

Xbox Series X and Series S is high on demand. Did you want to pre-order an Xbox Series X but missed your chance? Consumers have tried to acquire the upcoming console from Microsoft, but not all managed to do so. However, the company promises more consoles will be available for the November 10 event launch. That includes both the premium version and the Xbox Series S.

Therefore if you want to own one of the next-gen consoles don’t forget to check with retailers for “updates.” According to Microsoft, the latest pre-orders led to “record-breaking demand.” However, the company did not reveal the number of purchases.

Taking into consideration the Xbox One sales, we could be looking at more than 1 million Xbox Series X and S pre-orders within the first 24 hours. However, the statistic is from seven years ago. Nowadays, people are keener on buying game consoles, especially now during the pandemic.

I’m quite sure some fans are very happy to know that more consoles will be available in the store. On the other hand, it also means a trip to the store, which is not great during a pandemic. The situation is also favorable for Microsoft as well since people are interested in Xbox Series X and Series S compared to the expensive PS5.

However, it doesn’t mean that Microsoft will sell more consoles than Sony. Microsoft’s game consoles tend to be more common in North America. However, Sony’s systems are very popular around the world. Another worth noticing fact is that Microsoft seems to have learned from past mistakes.

The company is now focusing on what the audience is looking for. Microsoft is offering more services and connecting Xbox Series X with the PC platform. Their cloud gaming with Game Pass Ultimate provides a fantastic library of games that keeps growing. I’m quite sure gamers are looking forward to playing titles across Xbox generations and PCs.

If you like Microsoft’s ecosystem, the Xbox Series X or Series S console might be the perfect pick for you.


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