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World of Warcraft New Update Available with Shadowlands Expansion

Players get to try now the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft announced at Blizzcon 2019. Developers introduced Shadowlands, which is an afterworld where characters end up when they die. Also, we will get to see Bolvar Fordragon and Sylvanas Windrunner take the main stage. The expansion will follow the Battle for Azeroth, and the characters will face the wonders and terrible events of the afterlife.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is now available for pre-purchase, and should be released in August 2020, according to Blizzard’s usual release schedule over the past years.

Shadowlands Expectations

The new expansion has a more dark theme. Shadowlands will introduce five new areas, which are surely going to impress players.

There’s a new level zone for levels 1-10, where players learn more about game mechanics before they can explore any of the old expansions, while they level up from 10 to 50. After level 50, the characters can access Shadowlands, to level up to a maximum cap of 60.

Developers explained, however, that for those players who will try the new content, the experience should be more enjoyable. They will also get more features, such as joining a Covenant after level 60, and for alts starting with level 50. Players will receive new powers from the covenant they joined.

Shadowlands will allow players to customize their characters, adding more tattoos or hairstyles and other options. Moreover, the Death Knights are now available for any of World of Warcraft’s races. The well-known dungeons were introduced once again, so players will get to enjoy the new 8 of them. Also, the first raid is installed up for 10 players.

Shadowlands comes, with one of the most significant content, called Torghast, Tower of the Damned. This addition is a dungeon, but a randomized one, rogue-like themed.

The Shadowlands expansion pack is available for pre-order online from the Blizzard Shop, and it comes in three different editions: Base Edition, Heroic Edition, and the Epic Edition. Each edition will have various offers, which you can check out on the Blizzard shop here.


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