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World of Tanks Blitz 6.9.0 Update Brings New Event, Tank, And The Hellas Map

World of Tanks Blitz is one of the most popular MMOs, in the world, with millions of players fighting across the battlefield and proving their prowess at commanding powerful tanks.

World of Tanks Blitz is a popular multiplayer game on Android and iOS

Many wanted to enjoy a similar gameplay experience, and the developers decided to release a dedicated version built from the ground up with mobile devices in mind. The result is World of Tanks Blitz, a thrilling experience that brings together more than 100 million players.

At the start of a match, players will have the option to choose from a rich selection of tanks, with more than 350 distinct models being available within the game. Most of the tanks are perfect recreations of the historic war machines on which they are based, retaining both the boons and disadvantages of their times.

As players progress through the game, they will gain access to new blueprints, which allow them to build and customize tanks according to their wishes. Some of the blueprints will offer the opportunity to play with experimental tanks that didn’t see the light of day or were developed specifically for the game.

More than 25 locations serve as battlefields for exciting 7x seven battles. Each location comes with specific landmarks and traits that require the need to run an effective strategy and work with the other players in the team to earn a well-deserved victory.

What’s new in the latest World of Tank Blitz update?

Those who can master all the details of a map will have a great advantage against the rival team since they can coordinate devastating attacks that will pave the way towards victory and turn enemy tanks into burning debris.

Harness the complex progression system and earn valuable rewards as new tiers become available. Reach Tier X to unlock the most powerful tanks in the game and dominate the field.

The new World of Tanks Blitz 6.9.0 update comes with a new event, a new tank, and the challenging Hellas map.

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