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Windows Virtual Desktop Shapes Up As An Excellent “Cloud PC” Solution

The Windows Virtual Desktop solution has evolved considerably since release, and it is one of the best solutions for running virtual Windows 10 machines. WVD harnesses the potential of the impressive Azure Remote Enterprise cloud infrastructure.

WVD machines due to a great job as working as good as real Windows 10 machines. The commercial version of the service was released for the general public in September 2019. Users can enjoy access to a wealth of features and functions, including the Office pack, MS Office 365 Pro Plus, and Remote Desktop Services.

Microsoft has already announced new features that will come to the platform in May 2020. They have already been tested by a series of Private Preview Customer groups. The accelerated release schedule may have been influenced by feedback from these groups, but information of this type is confidential.

More about Windows Virtual Desktop solutions

One of the best advantages of Windows Virtual Desktop is that it can be deployed without issues via the Microsoft Azure Portal. The power of the cloud servers is quite impressive as the service will start immediately after the setup, granting access to all the relevant features.

A revamped managing experience will integrate powerful tools within the Azure Portal. Users will be able to create host pools, manage applications, desktops, and grant access to users. The auto-scaling experience has been enhanced with Azure Automation and Azure Logic Apps.

The platform is already available across all over the world, and users will have to option to pick the location where service data can be stored. This will ensure the that any local compliance rules can be met without problems. Native support for Microsoft will also be added. A new redirection protocol will improve the quality of video calls. The Windows Virtual Desktop SDK will also be released to facilitate the optimization of Linux clients.

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