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Windows Defender – Lowkey The Best Antivirus

Windows Defender used to be considered one of the most useless pieces of software when it came to protecting personal computers from cyber attacks.

However, it has drastically improved over the years.


Windows Defender has many reasons to deserve the title of the best antivirus. It comes bundled with Windows 10, while other antivirus software requires payment, albeit a one-time-only payment or a periodic subscription.

Windows Defender’s performance started going uphill since it unconfined as Microsoft Security Essentials ten years ago.

Brad Andreson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, has promoted vital information on Twitter. He stated that the Defender is the most widely used antivirus in the enterprise.

If you have turned off the Windows Defender as soon as you had the chance to do so, you should consider allowing it to redeem itself. It might surprise you enjoyably and unexpectedly.

The Windows Defender is great against day zero malware. It had a better score than many popular antivirus software that are industrially used. It’s also very light on your computer’s resources since it is optimized to the max by default.

The Defender also doesn’t include any bloatware as many so-called “free” antivirus software does.

AV Tests’ Report

A report from a German independent research institute dating from May/June 2019 has revealed that the Windows Defender has the best quality/price score out of all antivirus software available on the market.

AV’s test has revealed that Windows Defender was efficient against 100% of its 307-sample zero-day malware test and all of their 2,428 general test corpus samples.

When you think about it, it makes sense for Microsoft to include a robust antivirus/ anti-malware software embedded in its operating system. It would have been shameful not to do so, as it affects the performance of billions of computers worldwide.


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