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We need Windows 11, and We Know How it Should Look

Windows 10 is already five years old, although it seems like yesterday when everybody was eagerly waiting for it to be launched. At that time, people were unsatisfied with Windows 8 and 8.1, and they were waiting for Microsoft to come and save the day once more as it did with Windows 7 back in 2009.

But did Microsoft really save the day with the release of Windows 10? That’s the question of a whole generation. The operating system had and has its flaws, it spied on its users, and Microsoft was almost forcing it to its users’ computers. What’s for sure is that today, we should choose Windows 10, at least for the lack of options. The good old Windows 7 is officially dead since January, while Windows 8 is just bad. Unless something big is going to change everything.

Windows 11 must prevail

Since Windows Vista was released in 2006 and until Windows 10 being released nine years later, Microsoft has come with a fresh new operating system from three to three years. Considering that five years have passed since Windows 10 was released, common sense tells us that Microsoft should release Windows 11 any day now. But is that really the case? Judging by various sources from the web, Microsoft plans to keep regularly updating Windows 10 with improvements and features, so that it will be the ultimate version of Windows forever.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll soon receive an irrefutable answer. But anybody has asked himself how would Windows 11 look like? Let’s see how a YouTuber dubbed “the Hacker 34” answers the question, by using an explicit video for illustrating the idea:

However, it’s odd that even without the technical support from Microsoft, Windows 7 is still preferred by a lot of people, and they do not wish to make the upgrade to Windows 10. Or maybe they want to jump directly to Windows 11?


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