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Windows 10 Search Function Cracked With Bug Resembling Virus – Here’s How to Fix It

Windows 10‘s search capacity has been terribly askew lately, and now yet another issue has appeared, which could be related to a recent optional update Microsoft‘s operating system.

The way this new flaw shows up makes it look like a malware infection, causing people to worry that their device may have been endangered by a virus. When some users click on the Start menu and run a search, they are saying that an odd-looking screen appears saying ‘This is taking too long to load,’ having a blank background and a ‘Refresh’ button.

Something Malicious is Going On

Still, a long line of characters in the bottom right corner of the screen shows up, and that looks like something the tech giant behind the OS should not be displaying. There is definitely something malicious going on behind the scenes, as no viruses or anything flawed can be found by various virus scanners.

Only a limited number of users seem to have reported this issue, as highlighted on Reddit in a few threads, as well as on Microsoft’s forum and in other places such as

Windows 10 Search Bug [Image: Microsoft/Windows Latest]
As we mentioned, these problems are being associated with the installation of a recent optional roll-out for Windows 10, the KB4550945 update, but there are users that reported they still encounter the issue without having that certain update installed.

How to Fix the Search Bug

How can you get rid of the issue? Coming with a solution is a bit more challenging, considering that the link to KB4550945 is not completely demonstrated. However, if you have installed the update, one obvious way to fix the issue is to uninstall it. Some users reported this might help you get rid of the bug.

The second method you can try is installing the most recent updates for the OS. Having the system completely up to date has solved the issue for some users. If none of these easy-to-follow fixes work, there is another solution you can try, as noted on Reddit and emphasized by Windows Latest, which noticed all this.

What you have to do is make Windows 10 search for corrupt errors, which can be done through the command prompt. However, note that you’re doing this at your own risk. Here is how to do so:

Press the Windows key + ‘R’ on your keyboard to launch the ‘Run’ window
Type ‘cmd’ and press the Ct​rl+Shift+Enter keys together in order to open the command prompt as an admin
In the command prompt window, type this: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
Wait for the process to complete

If none of the simple solutions above worked, this might be the last method you can resort to in order to get rid of the annoying bug. Note that you run the above command at your own risk, and if you don’t want to try it, you can simply wait because the problem will surely be solved by an upcoming update.

It is possible that a fix is already in the works, and an update will be revealed soon.

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