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Windows 10 Apps That You Need for Auto-Changing Your Wallpapers

Don’t you just love when wallpapers change on your Windows 10 Lock Screen from time to time? Many people don’t know how to get these dynamic wallpapers on the desktop. You should know that Windows 10 does not have a feature to get pictures directly from the internet and put them as a desktop background. We have written this article to make your life easier: these are the best three apps that can change wallpapers on your desktop. They get the wallpapers from Windows Spotlight and Bing, too.

Today, we are mentioning Daily Desktop Wallpaper, Wallpaper Studio 10, and Dynamic Theme. You can get all of them from the Microsoft Store.

Windows 10 Apps That You Need for Auto-Changing Your Wallpapers

Daily Desktop Wallpaper

This tool is quite a simple one for those users who only want to get Bing wallpapers. What’s great about the app is that it automatically changes Big Daily Wallpapers for the specific region you are in. You can also see the last eight wallpapers, together with their descriptions.

As said before, this tool is simple: it’s the simplest one from this list. It only does one simple thing: it updates the Lock Screen background and the Desktop background every day. You can create a folder and save these wallpapers, as well. You can customize the resolution in which the image is downloaded into your computer.

Wallpaper Studio 10

This app is a bit more complicated, and it offers a lot of features. By making the most out of this tool, you get hundreds of wallpapers, collections that are created by publishers, or by different users from the community.

You can set any collection as a slideshow for your Lock Screen or Desktop background. Just take a look, the wallpapers are placed with regards to category, popularity, or country. You can also create your collections with wallpapers selected from your own computer. You can browse the wallpapers in a set region.

Dynamic Theme

This is by far the most useful tool from this list. It’s simple, and it has no problem in doing its job fast. With this app, you can dynamically change your daily wallpapers by choosing pictures from Windows Spotlight Image or Bing. You can also add your own wallpapers, as well. It will run a slideshow on your Windows desktop just as quickly. You can add a familiar picture for both the Lock Screen background and the Desktop background, which will appear for these two at the same time.

Some other features are autosave for the new pictures from Spotlight and Bing – they will be saved in a folder of your choice. If you don’t want this to happen, you can disable the feature easily. You can set your region and get customized wallpapers, relevant to your country.
These three are really what you need for this situation. They are all free, and you can find them in the Microsoft Store. You should also know that these apps will not change a single thing about your computer.


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