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Will PS5 Cost Less Than Its Sony Brothers? The Company Wants to Make It Affordable

Fans of PlayStation have received some amazing news this week. Sony has hinted that it could take a hit for the PS5 console price. If we are to take a look at all the technologies that have been confirmed, teased, or rumored for this new console, we cannot do anything but believe that the hardware should cost more than £600.

But the news that came from Sony only suggests that it will do something to the price in order to get fans outside at launch.

PushSquare, which is a specialist PlayStation website, shows that the top bosses of Sony, which spoke to investors as a part of a financial statement this week, showed that the company right now only wants to focus on market acceptability when it comes to the next-gen hardware. This actually means that the company wants to set a price that customers would found fair so that it can stabilize the install base of the device.

In easier words, the company will make the console affordable, so that you could be able to buy it. we don’t know for sure how affordable the console would be.

So how much will you have to pay for the PS5?

In a recent report, fans showed that they would pay more for the PS5, more than they did for the PS3, PS4, or PS4 Pro. 6000 votes came in that day and showed that only 30% of the voters didn’t want to pay more than the launching price of the PS4 – £349. The rest of the voters, 70%, wanted to pay more than £399 for the new console.

The report also showed that buyers expected the price of the console to be between £400-£500.


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