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Why using Stock Android is a Great Idea

​Although Android is the leading operating system in the world, most people are not aware of the stock Android and other different versions of the OS.

Stock Android is perhaps the purest variant of the operating system for mobile devices that are released by Google. It cannot be modified or changed by the smartphone producers, but the device manufacturer can instead alter the version of the Android. For instance, both Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and S10 have a customized Android operating system, known as One UI. This OS packs apps, drivers, and a lot more features and options that are not accessible from the stock Android.

If your smartphone doesn’t have the stock Android app, you can get it by rooting your device or utilize the apps that provide you with stock Android. Here are a few concrete benefits of using stock Android instead of the popular version of the OS.

Stock Android And Security

The huge issue with Android is malware and security bugs. Google is more rapid to address the flaws than the altered version of Android, which takes a longer period. Recently, Google has enhanced the release of security fixes on the devices; therefore, it is best to have an original Android to have access to the latest security updates earlier.

Updated Variant of Android and Google Apps

In the popular version of Android, the developers are incredibly slow to release the OS’ updated versions. The majority of users are stuck with the same version of Android for years, despite the newer version available already. Sometimes, purchasing a new device is the only possibility to get the latest version of Android. In the meantime, with stock Android, you get the newest variant of Android and Google apps updates as soon as Google rolls out.

Duplicated Apps

Smartphone manufacturers change the stock Android in numerous ways in order to create custom designs. However, you will end up having numerous duplicated processes. Google offers Chrome, and the manufacturer provides its network browser, which leads to useless confusion. A lot of these duplicate apps are not used, and there is no option that allows you to uninstall them.

Storage and Performance

Bloatware affects the performance and the battery life of the device, more so when these apps are functioning in the background. Bloatware can slow down and impede the performance of your device, and the popular variant of the Android takes more storage space because you cannot uninstall the bloatware applications. This, in turn, makes the performance slow down. Google has enhanced Android’s performance with battery optimization, among other things.

First-Rate User Choice

Previously, stock Android was condemned for not offering the same features as other operating system variants. However, the app has now become more advanced due to various optimizations and useful shortcuts. There are a number of core apps in stock Android that you can opt to install on your smartphone, but because there is no issue with this version of Android, neither it lacks features, numerous users require their device manufacturers to provide them with the pure Android operating system.


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