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Who Actually Manufactured Thinkpad x1 and Razr from Motorola?

Just yesterday, Lenovo saw what Motorola RAZR could do in the US. Today, the company extended the availability of the device in China. The release in China took place today, during Tech World 2019. Lenovo also took advantage of the opportunity to release the first PC that has foldable displays. We’re talking about the Thinkpad X1, which hit the market earlier this year. Besides the launches coming from Lenovo, we also got something new from BOE.

The vice president of the BOE group, Wei Wei, revealed that the folding displays for the Thinkpad X1 line and Motorola Razr were both manufactured by them. Moreover, Huawei Mate X, which was launched earlier, also has a display manufactured by BOE. This is very interesting because it shows that any smartphone company could start selling folding phones since BOE is the established supplier of this kind of phones. Of course, they would still need a lot of R&D from the companies in order to accommodate a folding design, but there’s a huge possibility there.

Motorola Razr is the third commercial foldable phone from the market that’s coming from an established tech company. Samsung Galaxy Fold is here, and it’s available all around the globe for interested users, and Huawei Mate X just went on sale in China.

About BOE and its importance around the world

BOE is a Chinese electronic component producer that was founded back in 1993. They are working on smart iOS systems, engineering integration, and smart medical devices. BOE is one of the largest companies to manufacture OLEDs, LCDs and flexible displays. BOE is quite popular around the world, as it has R&D centers in no less than 19 countries.

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