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WhatsApp’s Latest Virus and How to Keep Away From it

​WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. It has become such an integral part of everyone’s lives that it has almost replaced the default SMS application every smartphone comes with.

The app is a very useful and simple method of communication between users, and that is the reason why Facebook acquired it for $19 billion. However, even with the extra security the new owner ensured, the app keeps getting hacked, and numerous glitches are found often.

A new virus has made it to WhatsApp again these days. It enables the hacker to read messages, see media files, and also download them into their personal device. This particular malicious infection is achieved by sending a corrupt video file containing a bug with the codename of CVE-2019-11931​.

Here you can find more details about the virus and how to stay safe and away from it.

‘Nonexistent’ Virus

WhatsApp developers have announced the safety warning for their software as ‘stack-based buffer overflow,’ which represents a malicious code that sends a specifically created MP4 file to WhatsApp users.

As we mentioned, the video has a bug that is able to hack the app when downloaded on the device. It also gives the hacker almost entire control over WhatsApp on your smartphone. 

Although Facebook has continuously denied the claims and kept saying that there is no evidence of a WhatsApp hack bug, there are incidents that suggest otherwise. Just in the last month alone, numerous activists and writers have been targeted, and their application has been hacked by the belligerent Israeli NSO Group.

How to Stay Safe

Just the thought of someone spying on you and controlling your WhatsApp application alone is quite terrifying. While the developers of the app are working tirelessly to make sure the app is safe, updates are released for the very same reason.

We recommend you to install the latest WhatsApp update available in the device’s Store application. Also, it would be wise if you would turn off the option to auto-download all the files that come to your app, and, of course, do not download any pictures or videos from unknown senders.


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