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WhatsApp Will Soon Bring Two New Features for iOS Users

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messenger app, is currently working on a new update for the Apple iPhone and iOS users, which include many new features.

The WhatsApp development tracking site stated that the new features would be available with the version 2.20.10 for iOS users. On the website, they also say that the developers are working on two new essential features for the iOS devices – Contacts Integration and Low Data Mode.

The Contacts Integration feature: share files with the suggested contacts

The Contacts Integration feature will allow users to directly share different items, like documents, or images, with the suggested contacts in WhatsApp by using the iOS share sheet. With this, the users of iOS will be able to see their contacts as one of the sharing options, together with the default options, like Mail.

The Low Data mode feature: the app won’t automatically download media

The Low Data mode feature allows the low data usage to work on every feature of the apps. This means that you can use the messaging feature of WhatsApp without any pain in the back because the app will not try to automatically download media or the voice messages in a weak network area when then the feature is turned on.

The Dark Mode in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is bound to roll out the Dark Mode or the Dark Theme feature for the iOS users. We’ve heard that the developers are still working on the theme that’s supposed to add the blue night colors in the app for iOS 13. As of now, we cannot do anything but wait for an official statement with regards to this feature.


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