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WhatsApp Update 2.20.115 Available to Download – What Was Changed?

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, was recently updated, and that is big news for all of its users. The update is live now and can be downloaded via over the air channels.

However, not all WhatsApp users can download the new update straight away, mainly because it’s a Beta release. To be among the first people who access new WhatsApp updates, you have to join the beta program.

The new update bears the number 2.20.115 beta. If you want to download it (or further beta updates), you can join WhatsApp’s Beta program if you own an Android smartphone.

However, there is another way to install the new update even if you don’t want to be part of the Beta program – Manually downloading the APK from the web.

The Update

The new update adds a new layer of stability improvements to the already reliable app.

Regular updates are required because there are more than a billion WhatsApp users worldwide, and the variety of the hardware that the app runs on makes it prone to occasional glitches/bugs that can ruin the experience for the users.

Therefore, developers need to make sure that the app is always running optimally.

A bunch of “under the hood” software improvements were made. Their purpose is to boost the speed and responsiveness of WhatsApp.

You might ask yourself when has WhatsApp ever failed to work correctly, and you most likely won’t be able to recall a time when it did so. That is because bugs or glitches happen to a bunch of users only, a tiny percentage. However, a small percentage, even 1% or less, might seem like nothing. Still, when you multiply it by the one billion users the app registered, the results are catastrophic – Millions of devices can be affected.


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