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WhatsApp Tests Self-Destructing Messages, a Snapchat-like Feature

Snapchat has an exciting way of messaging. Users are choosing this popular app because it has a unique messaging feature. The feature is called self-destructing messages, which means that after you send a message, the message will delete itself from the chat room. The same thing happens to images; you send an image that will then be removed shortly. Other apps are trying to introduce this feature in their own char rooms. One of them being the top-rated WhatsApp instant messaging app.

WhatsApp has a similar messaging feature where you can delete a message shortly after you sent it. This is an excellent feature for when you send a message to the wrong person or simple don’t express yourself with the right words. However, the WhatsApp feature is not the same as the self-destructing messages on Snapchat.

WhatsApp Tests Self-Destructing Messages

The Snapchat feature was tested before on WhatsApp. A small group of people could have tested it while the app was in its Beta version. Developers are trying to test the feature it again; however, this time, anyone can check it on the Beta version. There is no limit to a group of people this time, so go ahead and see for yourself how this feature works on WhatsApp.

The self-destructing feature was previously tested in October 2019. This feature on WhatsApp is developed in a way that you have the option to turn on the function and set up the time for the message to auto destroys itself. However, you only have a few options to choose from at the moment: one hour, one day, one week, one month, and one year.

To be able to test the Beta version of the the app, you need to sign up for the WhatsApp Beta program. This feature is not yet finished. Therefore, it could change until it is part of an official, stable upgrade.

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