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WhatsApp Teams Up With the WHO and Developed a Coronavirus Info Chatbot

WhatsApp decided to keep its users informed and safe by updating them with the latest coronavirus info. So, it teamed up with the WHO (the World Health Organization) to develop an especially designed chatbot. They released the chatbot, and users can only text “hi” at +41 79 893 1892 for more information about the coronavirus.

The service will take a couple of seconds to respond with the latest data, a series of prompts, and, of course, a few emojis. As a way of fighting the misinformation on the app, this new installment could also support government decision-makers finding out the most recent situation reports.

WhatsApp and the WHO Released Coronavirus Info Chatbot

On March 20, WhatsApp revealed a coronavirus quick-verifying hub as a collaboration with the WHO, the United Nations Development Programme, and UNICEF. They aim to share advice and the most recent advice related to the new type of coronavirus, the COVID-19. The chatbot allows users to ask questions directly whenever they want to be informed. WhatsApp donated $1 million to support quick-verifying organizations, as well.

“To receive updates on #COVID19 from WHO, add this number – +41 79 893 18 92 to your contacts and send a @WhatsApp message. You’ll automatically be registered to receive updates and also have an option to ask for more information, as shown below,” reads the full statement from the WHO.

The New COVID-19 Info Chatbot Already Recorded More Than 2 Billion Users

The UK’s NHS might also be launching a WhatsApp chatbot to share helpful coronavirus info. NHS already supports people in the UK to stay informed via Google. It also teamed up with Amazon on an Alexa-developed chatbot, so it could be a great decision to collaborate with WhatsApp, too!

The new chatbot recorded over two billion users globally so far. Its messages are untraced and encrypted, unlike other search engines and social networks.


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