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WhatsApp Removed ‘Vacation Mode’ on Android

More than 1.5 billion people enjoyed WhatsApp each day as they converse with family, friends, and business contacts. The app was released almost ten years ago, but it remains popular with a rich selection of exciting features and a steady stream of updates that make it even better from time to time.

Usually, developers use updates to add new features, but it appears that the latest WhatsApp update for Android has removed a lesser-known feature that may have been quite useful for some users. The change was made silently.

WhatsApp group chats are quite popular since they allow users to quickly distribute important information or share news with other members of the chat. However, in some cases, the feature can be quite annoying if other users send a lot of messages as your device displays a barrage of notifications. Some users asked for a feature that would allow them to stop notifications from groups and the developers offered this option after an extended beta test.

WhatsApp Removed ‘Vacation Mode’ on Android Without Any Notification

The Vacation Mode offered the ability to mute notifications from chats that were archived or dismissed. Many users enjoyed the feature since their devices display with irrelevant it. A great boon was represented by the fact that Vacation Mode could be activated for both group and individual conversations.

Users could access the functionality by going to Settings/Notifications/Ignore Archived Chats. According to a popular source, the feature is no longer available for Android devices. At this point, it is not clear if the feature was removed intentionally or the company is working on a revamp that could bring new enhancements.

While the iOS users continue to have access to the Vacation Mode, the feature will likely return at some point on the Android version of WhatsApp. Only time will tell.


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