WhatsApp News: Security Flaw, Revealed By Exclusive Investigation

It’s been just revealed by Deutsche Welle that WhatsApp has a security flaw, according to a new investigation.

It seems that links to private WhatsApp groups can be easily found online, and this happens despite the public outrage, which has led the company to change its stance and remove them from Google as well.

Despite the removal, it seems that there are still available Internet archives that are still storing data, according to the latest info coming from security researcher Lav Kumar.

Internet archives storing data are available online 

He gathered and organized over 60k unique links which can still be found on more websites.

The online publication mentioned above notes that of the 1,000 randomly selected links that DW tested, it turned out that 427 were active chat links.

Also, it looks like even without actively joining a group, its description, title, image, and also the creator’s phone number are available for all.

“However, upon entering a group, it is possible to also see the phone numbers of up to 256 participants, as well as other information, and adding these numbers to one’s contacts can reveal their names in the app,” DW wrote.

“We show all numbers in groups for people’s safety that way, they know who will receive their messages,” WhatsApp told DW in response.

DW continued their lengthy explanation in the original article, and we suggest that you head over there and check out all the info that they offered their readers.

About a week ago, we reported that a Twitter user identified something quite intriguing recently.

Google is supposedly recording WhatsApp group chats’ links, meaning our private group chats could be more discoverable. So, any invitation to WhatsApp group chats is recorded by Google, according to Motherboard.

You should check more details on the issue in our previous article as well.

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