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WhatsApp Messenger Version Update Available with New Bug Fixes

WhatsApp Messenger (or only WhatsApp) is a free, cross-platform messaging and VoIP (Voice over IP) service owned by Facebook, Inc, which allows users to send and receive voice and text messages, make video and voice calls and share files, locations, and others.


Though WhatsApp is mainly aimed towards smartphone users, it can also be used on computers with its designated WhatsApp Web extension that works neatly.

Two years ago, WhatsApp Business was launched. It allows companies to communicate with customers who own the standard WhatsApp application familiarly and efficiently.

The app used to require a yearly subscription but is currently free for everybody.


WhatsApp, just like most significant applications, requires periodic updating, as developers keep on adding new features and fixing issues with the service.

The latest version, v2.20.195.9, is famous because it supports voice calls with up to 8 participants. All participants must have WhatsApp up to date for the feature to work.

Also, the latest version fixed some minor issues experienced by some users for better performance.

If you have auto-updates turned on, the app should have updated itself by now. If the app hasn’t updated itself yet, check its Google Play page and manually update it.

If that does not work either and no new update for WhatsApp is displayed on Google Play, you can always manually download an apk file that is up to date and manually install the latest version.

However, if you choose to do so, make sure that you get your apk file from a verified source. Installing apk files from unknown sources is risky, as it can do irreparable damage to your phone in the form of viruses or, worse, data theft.

Google Play is the best source of apps since many of them are periodically verified.


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