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WhatsApp Is Now Back on the Google Play Store: Here’s What Happened

On Friday, WhatsApp has disappeared from the Google Play Store. Facebook’s app confirmed that the app is now back on track on the store after its disappearance. Users can now download the app as it is supposed to, by typing WhatsApp on the search bar on the Google Play Store. we still don’t know why the app disappeared from the store.

Users reported on Friday that the app was not on the Google Play Store anymore. Because of its disappearance, those who wanted to install it for the first time were not able to do so through the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp will stop working on specific iPhone models with the first of February, 2020.

Those iPhone users who are still using iOS 8 will have an unpleasant surprise. You need to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible. If not, you will only be able to use the app until the first of February, 2020. The update comes with details: you cannot create new accounts or even verify existing accounts if you are using an iOS 8. if you still have iOS8, you need to update to iOS 9, at least.

The messaging app said that, for the best experience, they recommend you to use the latest version of iOS that’s available for your phone. The company also said that they don’t restrict the use of unlocked devices or the use of jailbroken “explicitly.” But that the things they change might have an impact on how your equipment works, and they cannot come with support for some of the devices by using modified versions of the operating system of an iPhone.

WhatsApp talked about the users of Android 2.3.7, and older, which won’t be able to create new accounts, not even re-verify the existing accounts.


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