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WhatsApp Is Down Globally, Users Complaining About Multimedia Issues

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world. Even though billions of users use the application, WhatsApp is not free of errors and bugs, some of which are due to the app’s servers. The most recent example occurred less than an hour ago. Accordingly, WhatsApp is down globally, and users complain about some multimedia issues.

WhatsApp is Down

At the moment, users from all over the world took the online by storm, as they face some issues with WhatsApp. Most of them reported that they could not send or receive photos or videos. Others also said that it’s impossible to send voice messages.

“I don’t know what is happening in WhatsApp..pic not sending @WhatsApp,” reported one of the users. Another one said: “Anyone else’s WhatsApp having issues? i.e., pictures and videos not sending.”

The issues have been reported in Europe, mostly in Denmark, the UK, Spain, and Italy. However, the majority of the users who reported that WhatsApp is down resides in the UAE and the UK. Other areas might also be affected. Indian WhatsApp users also complained about multimedia issues.

The same errors seem to affect other areas of Asia, as well. “Cant send images or status… From Malaysia,” reported one user, while another from Pakistan said: “Not Working Voice, Video, Status.”

WhatsApp is down in the US, also. Some users from the States reported the same problems as the others.

As it looks at the moment, both mobile and web versions of WhatsApp experience issues with multimedia, statuses, and voice messages.

The Official Response

As we speak, WhatsApp Inc. did not come out with a reply to the reported issues. On the other hand, WABetaInfo also acknowledged the errors: “WhatsApp is unable to send images, videos, GIFs, audio and stickers,” the team wrote on Twitter.

Most likely, WhatsApp will be back in a few hours or even sooner.


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