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WhatsApp iPhone Update Still Lacks This Essential Feature

WhatsApp just pushed out an important update. Despite the fact that it brings a bunch of new cool and handy features, it still lacks something.

WhatsApp users are happy to receive some brand new features from the team that is behind this really cool app.

The latest update, which is packed with various new features for the iOS, comes just a few hours after users of WhatsApp have been warned about a new hack.

New hack involves WhatsApp 

We reported earlier that a hack allows WhatsApp scam artists to gain access to people’s smartphones, and hackers even have the ability to steal files from mobile devices.

This can be unfortunately be done just by sending over a GIF inside the chat application.

It’s been revealed that this new bug only impacts Android handsets and it could enable hackers to steal the files that are saved on your smartphone and they can also view a complete history of your chat on the compromised Android devices.

New features in the latest iOS update for WhatsApp

The latest iOS update for the famous app includes various tweaks to how users can listen to voice messages and also ways of sending Apple’s fun and personalized MeMosi stickers, according to

These have been introduced back in the iOS 13. The stickers use characters that look like you, and they also assume various poses that will be familiar to anyone who has sent such an emoji before, as well. This is one of the best iOS 13 features.

It’s worth noting that this new Version 2.19.100 upgrade should definitely be installed on your device because it’s more than useful.

The update will make you happy, especially if you send and get a lot of voice messages.

Why? Well, this is because these can now be played from the notification, and this means that users will not even have to launch the app.

If you’re wondering what’s missing from the update – it’s the Dark Mode, and a lot of users are waiting for this cool feature.


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