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WhatsApp Implements Dark Mode in the Beta Version of the App

After most of the platforms have adopted the dark mode for a while now, including Telegram, the over one billion WhatsApp users had to live with the white mode only. However, now, the developers have released the much-awaited mode in its latest update.

Users in Europe can already access the dark mode feature in WhatsApp. Not everyone gets the update at the same time, but you can check under ‘Chats’ and ‘Theme’ to see if you’ve got it yet.

Numerous reports have previously claimed that the dark mode feature is coming to WhatsApp. A particular claim stated that on the night of January 22nd, beta testers would be able to use the dark mode after updating the app to the latest release, WhatsApp 1.20.13 beta update.

If you cannot register for the beta program anymore, you can download the app from external sources. However, back up your chats before installing it to avoid losing your data. This enables you to reinstall WhatsApp entirely and load new configuration from servers.

Dark Mode in WhatsApp

After updating to WhatsApp 2.20.13 version, the dark mode menu is definitely activated already. However, you might still be in the control group when it comes to this particular functionality – if so, you’ll have to wait until the official incorporation of the mode in WhatsApp.

In earlier executions, the app included the dark theme switch under ‘Chat.’ There are several other options in the section, such as bright, which is the original theme, and dark, which is a new theme with a black background. Moreover, for the ‘System Default’ option, WhatsApp goes after the global scheme for Android 10. Also, relying on the power-saving mode, the app goes dark when the battery life is low for Android 9 or older.

In the dark mode, WhatsApp doesn’t go completely black, but dark blue, with chats being highlighted in blue or a dark version of green. Even if you are not a beta tester, this new feature will definitely launch for all WhatsApp users in the following weeks.


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