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WhatsApp Has a Secret Feature That You Didn’t Know About

Both Android and iOS users aren’t aware of the secret feature their WhatsApp app is hiding. The hidden feature is the fact that you can see at every user you chat with, how many text, stickers, media, GIF’s you have sent to each other. If you are curious to find out how many hours you spend on the messaging application, and especially with some contacts, then we will show you how to find out!

Open your WhatsApp app and go to the Settings Menu. If you are using Android, tap the three dots from the right corner. For iOS users, you have to tap the button dedicated to the app. After you enter the Settings menu, go to Data and Storage, and select Storage Usage. From there, the wonders are happening. A page with your contacts will load, and each person has a file size on their right side.

The Secret Feature Of WhatsApp That You Most Likely Didn’t Know About

However, you can think that the most extensive files from the top mean that this is the person you have shared the most text messages and media files in time. But things don’t work like that. For example, if you send a ton of pictures and videos to a person, you never talk too much, this will be up in your top list. So the top menu can differ for reasons like that.

Moreover, if you want details about each person that you are talking about, the location shares, the pictures and videos, and many more, the app is capable of showing you exactly that. This secret feature is also giving the possibility to each user to track the storage of the phone. With it, you can delete individual chats and make some room on your phone. Finally, give a try to the secret feature of WhatsApp and see how much time you spend on the app, and what you are sharing.


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