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WhatsApp Dark Mode Is Available To Beta Testers

WhatsApp was recently in the news after the app managed to hit 2 billion users. More than that, it’s been revealed that WhatsApp is currently getting ready to enter a clash with the US government over encryption.

It’s also worth noting that the US isn’t the only government that’s been pressuring WhatsApp to break encryption – you may recall that last year more countries – the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand all united into the “Five Eyes” alliance in pushing for encryption services to build safeguards for law enforcement.

Dark Mode is available to beta testers

It’s been just reported that following a pretty lengthy wait, WhatsApp dark mode is finally available to beta testers on Android and iOS.

Also, a full global launch should be just around the corner, according to the latest reports. This is a pretty big step for the app, and it seems that this will not even be the only change that’s on its way to users.

Here are some of the changes and new features that we can expect in the upcoming months.

TechRadar notes that some of these changes are definitely on their way, and this is based on the hints that have been found in the app’s install files.

Ads and WhatsApp 

In other news, The Wall Street Journal just reported last month that Facebook has broken up a team that’s responsible for finding ways to work ads into conversations, and such a move would have really annoyed users as you can imagine.

The good news is that the team who was supposed to work on this has been disbanded not too long ago.

This does not mean that WhatsApp will be free of ads, as Facebook is still planning to add them to the app’s Status feature.

This will work similarly to Instagram stories – the posts are visible for a short amount of time.


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