WhatsApp Brings New Exciting Feature: Group Video

WhatsApp is rolling out group video and voice chats for up to eight people, according to the latest reports coming from Android Central. This new feature will become available across both iOS and Android as well.

The famous app made users happy by expanding the group calling to eight people in the beta version back on April 21st. This came right after they announced support for up to eight people.

Now, it seems that group video and voice calling for a user and seven more pals has been released to the general public as well on Android and iOS. The app’s iOS release notes for the version 2.20.50 stated the following:

“Group video and voice calls now support up to 8 participants. All participants need to be on the latest version of WhatsApp. Visual improvements for iOS 13 users including updated message action menu.”

Group video and voice calls now support up to 8 participants

The iOS update is available from the AppStore at the moment and it is about to show up as an automatic update for most users soon, according to the latest reports coming from the online publication mentioned above.

On Android, the latest version doesn’t look like it’s available from the Google Play Store, at least not yet. WaBetaInfo posted the following tweet:

Group video and voice calls are initiated through Calls tab at the bottom of the left-hand corner of the app. The the top right, there’s the call icon that can be selected.

Android Police notes that in the latest version of WhatsApp, there will be ‘New Group Call’. “Tap this, and select up to seven other participants, you can then choose whether to initiate a video or a voice call,” they note.

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