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WhatsApp Beta Introduces Essential Features for Android and iOS users

We all know WhatsApp features are constantly being developed and added to the messaging app to provide a better experience to its users. While we’re so close to getting the popular dark mode feature for Android, there are a few more things the developers have prepared for us.

Here are some of the latest updates added for the WhatsApp beta version, for both Android and iOS users.

“Delete messages” feature

WABetaInfo tracks all the developments for WhatsApp and has spotted a feature called “Delete Messages” on iOS beta versions and

It appears this feature will be used in group chats and only administrators can delete messages after a time the user has set. This will make the deleted messages look like they were never sent. Think of this feature as a cleaning tool, explained WABetaInfo in a blog post:

“Groups have usually a lot of messages and this feature could help to save your phone storage, deleting old messages automatically (only administrators will be able to enable/disable it).”

Admins can toggle an on/off button to make messages automatically disappear. The intervals they can choose from are 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. For instance, if they choose 1 hour, all messages older than an hour will be deleted.

We don’t have any details of the time when “disappearing messages” will roll out, and as for the dark mode theme, WABetaInfo added:

“Unfortunately, as for the Dark Theme, we don’t know any release date for the feature.”

New Mode: Low Data Mode

Another update for iOS users is the Low Data Mode (photo above, right) that can be activated to reduce the app’s use of data. Earlier, this option was only available during a call, but now the whole app has it.

WhatsApp’s low data mode will stop to download media, even if you have enabled auto-download. Voice messages will also be stopped from being downloaded when the mode is activated. It’s a handy feature for when you find yourself in weak internet areas or you have too little data available on your phone.

The latest “Call waiting” feature has rolled to the live app

As for what WhatsApp users can now enjoy, we’re looking at the latest feature called “call waiting,” which is basically allowing users to receive another WhatsApp call while they’re engaged in one call, prompting users with a notification. WhatsApp wrote in their update description about this feature:

“Added call waiting support so you can choose to accept an incoming WhatsApp call while you’re already on another call.”

If you haven’t updated WhatsApp to the latest version which also includes the new “Unlock with fingerprint” option among others, head over to Google Play Store or App Store to get the latest features.

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