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Wasteland Remastered Version To Launch This Month On Xbox One

The wasteland fan base, this month of the year, is going to be your favorite! What do you think developers have in mind for you? On February 25, Wasteland will get remastered in high-definition (HD) games for the Xbox One gaming console as well as for PC consumers.
Wasteland is a science fiction open world role-playing video game and has been running ever since 1987, which is 33 years so far.

Purchasing the Wasteland Remastered version

Great news for Xbox One owners who have the Xbox Game Pass, you won’t have to buy the Wasteland game as you will get it for free! As for PC players, here are a few sites from where you can purchase the game: Windows Store, on Steam or GOG.

“You’ve been asking, and now we can share… Wasteland Remastered drops in just one more month—February 25 for Windows (Windows Store, Steam, GOG) and Xbox One (with Xbox Game Pass)!” said Wasteland in a tweet on January 23rd.

“The Wasteland 1 remaster is still coming later this year for Windows, but a little surprise is that we are also going to bring it to Xbox!” posted Brian Fargo, head of inXile Entertainment in a tweet last year. He is referring to the differences between the 1987 and 2020 versions of the game. If you check out the tweet, you will be able to see the graphical superiority of the new version in a screenshot he shared on his Twitter page.

Wasteland Remastered paves the way for Wasteland 3

If you are excited about the remastered version of Wasteland game, then you will be over the top with the following news: Wasteland 3 will be making its debut on May 19, 2020! Wasteland 3 will feature massive updates, especially as it will be the last game that Brian Fargo would work on before his retirement.


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