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WA Tweaker for Whatsapp 1.5.2 Update Comes With Lots of Features and Fixes

WA Tweaker, previously known under the name of WA Tweaks, is an app for mobile devices with root permissions that enables users to turn in the hidden features within both stable and beta versions of WhatsApp.

The application comes with an Xposed module that allows you to customize the WhatsApp interface entirely. Here are some of the key features and functionalities the app offers.

Features Overview

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp has the ability to enable all hidden features in the social media platform, freeze the last seen, and lock WhatsApp with a code. It can also disable read receipts, delivery reports, the typing indicator, as well as the recording indicator and the big emojis.

The app has an anti-recall messages function and allows users to save contacts’ Status on their devices, as well as increase their Status quality. In addition, it allows the increase of the group description length, and the media size limit.

With WA Tweaker for WhatsApp, there are no limited numbers when it comes to group participants. It also enables users to message with non-address book contacts, and recall all messages with no time limit. The app has the ability to hide tabs and archived calls, a well as changing the UI font, the toolbar, status bar, and numerous other elements’ colors.

What You Need to Use WA Tweaker for WhatsApp

Here is the complete list of requirements one needs to meet in order to use the app.

• A mobile phone with Android 4.0.3 or later
• Root permissions
• The Xposed Framework if you want to use privacy and personalization tweaks
• The most recent WhatsApp Beta from the Google Play Store
Google Play Services
• A stable Internet connection

WA Tweaker for Whatsapp 1.5.2 Update

The latest release, WA Tweaker for Whatsapp 1.5.2 update, comes with numerous changes and new cool features, as well as some fixes.

The WA Tweaker for Whatsapp 1.5.2 update has fixed an issue trying to search in the hidden features list when it is empty, as well as the crash with the download update key in the Changelog screen, and some minor bug fixes.

The ‘Hide read receipts’ modification is now compatible with WhatsApp 2.20.x. Also, the update has removed the ‘Hide Status read receipts’ tweak, which is now to be found in the ‘Hide read receipts’ option.

The new update has also added an option to customize the icon of the revoked message notification, and the possibility to select in which channel the icon revoked message notification should be sent. The latter option is only available for devices running Android 8 and later.

A root tweak and an Xposed tweak to re-add the ‘Export chats’ function in the social media platform for German users has also been added, as well as an Xposed tweak to enable the animated stickers packs in the store feature for good.


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