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WA Tweaker 1.5.0 Rolled Out With New Improvements And Fixes

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app for Android and iOS. However, it lacks some features that the fans would love to use in WhatsApp. But thanks to some developers, we have the so-called WhatsApp mods. These are apps that tweak the original WhatsApp and add new features and customization functions. One of these applications is WA Tweaker, but not entirely. We’ll explain below.

Recently, WA Tweaker 1.5.0 launched with some new features and bug fixes. In this article, we’ll talk about WA Tweaker and the additions to the latest version.

What is WA Tweaker, and what it brings?

WhatsApp frequently bans users of the WhatsApp mods out there. Therefore, it is not quite an ideal option to use those mods, such as YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, or GBWhatsApp, among others. But, thankfully, WA Tweaker, also a sort of WhatsApp mod, acts differently.

This app simply adds features to the most popular instant messaging application out there. In most of the cases, WA Tweaker brings WhatsApp the new functions from the latest WhatsApp Beta releases.

But that’s not all! This tweaker also brings additional customization, privacy, and chat features. Accordingly, it will change your experience WhatsApp so you can enjoy it more than before. But, there’s a trick! To use the app you need to have root access on your Android device. You can root your smartphones using free rooting apps.

WA Tweaker 1.5.0 rolled out with lots of new features and improvements

The latest WA Tweaker release came out recently, and it brings many enhancements and functions. Among the most significant ones, there is a new layout, passcode to protect WhatsApp Web access, and many more.

Also, minor bug fixes were implemented, along with some under the hood fixes and improvements. Besides, on the downside, the new WA Tweaker 1.5.0 disabled some tweaks and customization options for maintenance. For the complete changelog, access the official WA Tweaker site.

WA Tweaker 1.5.0 is available to download from its official site.


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