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VW New Urban Coupe Is a Small Swoopy Crossover Coming Soon

Now that Volkswagen Germany has made the announcements regarding the building of a shooting brake, Volkswagen Brazil has picked up the pace and has come to terms with disclosing a brand new product for the future. The new product by VW Brazil is being referred to as the “New Urban Coupe”. However, the model is not yet finalized.

According to the tad piece of information received the Coupe is going to have a sloping roof, which has been highly inspired by the original coupes. This is going to the first model to be entirely produced by VW Brazil and will be available in the markets all across the globe.

The “New Urban Coupe” shall be fabricated in the plant in which the Virtus Polo supermini and the pickup truck –Saviero is to be put together in Anchieta. The current worth of the new project is R$ 7 billion, which shall all be covered by Volkswagen Brazil by the end of the upcoming year.

From the press release by the company, we understood that the New Urban Coupe is also being built in Europe, which makes it evident that the Old Continent shall also have the availability of the Coupe.


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