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Vivo Y21 Showed Up On Geekbench With Another Unknown Vivo Device

Vivo seems to have something new in store for us after some reports suggested such news. Vivo Y21 has been leaked online as the next mid-range device from the company. But that’s not the only thing. Additionally, another unknown Vivo device has been spotted, with only a few details unveiled. Vivo didn’t release any statements about the devices or features, but we can expect some official information soon.

Vivo Y21 Could Be the Next-Gen Handset

Vivo Y21 has been listed with a V1926 variant number on Geekbench. As per the released listing, the device’s features seem promising. For instance, the handset will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with up to eight cores and a 1.80GHz. The processor wasn’t mentioned, but some sources believed to be the Snapdragon 665 SoC.

Vivo Y21 is also said to come with up to 3GB RAM, but there’s no information about the storage capacity. Most probably, Vivo will pack the device with 32GB storage space. Also, no details about the way the manufacturer will introduce the smartphone, single or multiple configurations.

More About Vivo Y21

Vivo Y21 will most likely be released with Android 10 OS topped with a custom Fun Touch OS. In the benchmark performance, the handset received 312 points in 1,245 points for the multi-core tests. The Geekbench had also unveiled that the smartphone will get a bigger battery capacity and camera functionality. As we didn’t receive yet any hints about a release event, we might as well expect the next Vivo series, arriving somewhere in the summer.

Besides the Vivo Y21 smartphone, another Vivo device has been spotted by MSP. The listing unveils that the device has the TD2002 model number and goes by the “Bengal” codename. The only features discussed include some hardware specs, such as a 4GB RAM, and an Android 10 OS topped with Fun Touch OS.


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