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Vivo Has Revealed its Apex 2020 Mobile Device

Vivo has just unveiled its Apex 2020 mobile phone. The device does have numerous innovative functionalities fans reportedly wanted to see on the company’s smartphones of this year.

Similar to other popular tech giants, Vivo was also expected to announce its Apex 2020 concept mobile device at MWC 2020. However, because the event was canceled amid coronavirus fears, the company has decided to reveal the smartphone via online streaming.

Apex 2020’s first noticeable new technology is the 60W wireless fast charging functionality, and Vivo stated that the device could fully charge in 20 minutes. Even so, the smartphone has a 2.000 mAh battery.

Another interesting upgrade of this year’s device is the rear camera array. Apex 2020 is the first smartphone ever to pack a 5x – 7.5x continuous optical zoom besides a cardan stabilized camera module.

The Apex 2020 is a Concept Mobile Device

Te device’s 6.45-inch FullView screen is not that innovative as Vivo claimed it would be. Huawei has used a similar display on its popular Mate 30 mobile device, which was released last year. It is not the under-the-display camera, which Oppo has packed in its devices as well.

There are issues that will appear, according to those who have experience with this kind of display, such as the visibility of it, the vulnerable nature of it, accidental touches that might damage it, accessibility of software buttons, and image shading.

We should remind you that Apex 2020 is a mere concept smartphone, and, similar to its predecessors, might not be released as a commercial product that users can buy and use. Vivo might, however, choose not to follow the old route, but get its concept devices on the market.

The company has not yet revealed the full specifications of the smartphone, which means that news could break soon.


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