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Vimeo 3.34.0 Update Brings Small Improvements

Vimeo, one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world, walks on a thin line after it removed footage published by London Live. The TV station has had David Icke as a guest, which talked about the latest happenings in the world.

Still One of the Most Popular Video-Sharing Apps

Although London Live screened a notice during its numerous advert breaks, stating that the views expressed in the program were not necessarily those of the network, and also displaying the address of the government’s COVID-19 website, both YouTube and Vimeo decided to remove the video and start an investigation. Numerous people have been baffled by this, invoking the basic human right to an opinion and free speech. Some even started to associate these actions to socialist ideology and system.

This comes after Vimeo has recently closed up numerous accounts claiming that malicious attacks are trying to compromise the security of the app. Media news outlet The Register reported that one of their readers received a notification from Vimeo, saying that his account has been accessed by a third-party and was, therefore, frozen.

However, Vimeo is still reckoned as one of the most popular video-sharing apps. The platform allows you to watch videos in full 1080-pixel HD in an ad-free environment and playback. Users can save videos to watch offline, and employ Chromecast to view content on bigger screens.

It also enables you to upload and manage files and access your content, as well as collections from anywhere. Users can follow categories, creators, and so on, in order to customize their feed. Vimeo also offers an ‘Explore’ tab that allows you to discover new videos and creators.

Vimeo 3.34.0 Update

The latest release for the app, Vimeo 3.34.0 update, came with some ‘small improvements.’ However, in case you missed it, the platform has received some new features lately, such as a record option, and an edit mode. The in-app edit allows users to trip their clips, and mute their video before uploading it.

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