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VidMate 4.2309 Update – Experience New Download Speeds

You probably are already aware of the fact that in recent years, many users have switched to streaming platforms as their favorite source of entertainment.

While these platforms can indeed offer hours of content, they are also plagued by some disadvantages.

For instance, it’s important to note that some users prefer to download their favorite content on their devices for more reasons.

In some cases, users don’t necessarily have access to a reliable Internet connection, or in other cases, they simply want to also be able to save their mobile data.

There are a few video downloading apps that are available for Android, but today’s focus is on VidMate and the latest update that this handy app just received.

VidMate gets an update

VidMate is a pretty powerful app for Android-powered smartphones that makes it possible for users to download their favorite online content which can then be watched while users are offline as well.

The app allows the downloading of MP3 files, and you can also convert any video to an MP3 format.

The app just received an update, and this is an important thing to mention – this app gets updated on a regular basis which is pretty important because users can enjoy the best possible experience.

This update sports the version number to 4.2309.

It’s been also reported that developers are currently rolling the update via official OTA (over the air) channels. All you have to do in order to get this update is to make sure that your phone stays connected to a stable WiFi.

What’s new?

VidMate fans already know that the app comes packed with a bunch of cool and amazing features.

The update brings new software improvements, and the main one worth mentioning is enhanced video downloading speed.

The app’s stability has also been improved.


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