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Viber Messenger Update Comes With Dark Theme

Viber Messenger is among the most popular messaging apps in the world. The application is free, comes with an incredibly simple interface, and offers one of the most secure messaging and calling services.

With more than one billion users worldwide, Viber allows international calls, text messages exchange, group chat communications, and much more.

Viber – The Best Messaging App

Sporting numerous features, some of which include syncing between devices, automatic message deletion, and free audio and video calls, Viber​ is the best option when it comes to a way of communicating with friends and family.

Here are some of the most amazing features Viber offers to its users.

Fully Synced Desktop and Tablet Apps – Viber​ can be completely synced between your computer and laptop. The feature enables you to see all the messages and calls you have and allows you to chat directly from either your desktop or Android tablet.

Free Audio and Video Calls – The app is renown for being the best option to use when it comes to audio and instant video calls.

Free Messages – Send free text messages, share an image, a sticker, or a GIF, video, or any other kind of file with Viber​, thanks to its free messaging option.

Low-Cost Calls to Landlines with Viber Out – This particular low-cost international service allows you to call landlines, non-Viber users, or anyone who is not connected to an internet service or a smartphone.

Group Chats – Viber​ is also providing users with the possibility to catch up with friends, family, or acquaintance by creating a group chat for up to 250 members.

100 Percent Privacy – Due to end-to-end encryption, any sort of information users share on Viber​ will always remain private between the two chats. The app’s encryption keys exist only on every user’s device; therefore, no one, not even Viber​, can access the information users send.

Self-Destructing Secret Chats – This feature enables users who prefer to start a Secret Chat to set a self-delete timer for every message in the conversation. After the message is read, it automatically self-destroys from the recipient’s phone.

GIFs, Stickers and Chat Extensions – Users can express themselves with a large variety of GIFs, and more than 35,000 stickers that can be found in the Viber​ Sticker Market. Chat Extensions can be used to spice up the chats, and these include easy access to favorite links, YouTube, Booking, Yelp, Spotify, GIFs, and videos.

Other features Viber​ offers is the possibility to mention friends in a group, pin messages to the top of the group’s screen, share location, broadcast messages to multiple contacts, and exchange contacts with friends.

Viber Messenger – Messages, Group Chats & Calls Update

Viber​ receives regular updates that roll out with new features, additions to various options, and bug fixes. The latest, Viber Messenger update brought two brand new features to the app.

Users can now add a friend to up to 10 in a group chat with a simple tap. To do so, open any one-on-one chat and tap on the conversation header to open ‘Chat Info’ and select ‘Add to Groups.

Another feature introduced with the latest update is the new dark theme, which can be enabled by navigating to ‘More,’ then to ‘Settings,’ and finally to ‘Appearance.


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