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Version 10 Update For Tesla Is Ready – Top Features and Improvements

Elon Musk announced the news for the recent update for Tesla. The company released software for the electric car, already available for a limited number of them. As Elon Musk stated, “Tesla C10.0 just started rolling out to all US Tesla owners with FSD option & “advanced download” selected in vehicle software settings.”

Many features and improvements were added in the latest update, which will increase the Tesla experience.

Features and Improvements

From a new alert mode, a “feeling lucky” navigation, new video games, and music to movie streaming, Version 10.0 has is it all.

Many features, however, were leaked much early through an “Early Access Program” participant, giving insights about the Smart Summon update. The option supposedly let you make calls cleverly. Smart Summon allow Tesla drivers to “call” its car to get them up from a distance of approximately 65 meters away. Further details about this update involve the vehicle to move in and out of the garage. Smart Summon, however, will be available for those who have bought Full Self Driving or Enhanced Autopilot.

Version 10.0 also comes with a list of exciting games, most intriguing is Cuphead. And if you want to stream videos, the latest version allows you to do that. You can stream via YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu and enjoy listening to music to Spotify. Other features like offering a Joe Mode for your sleeping children or Karaoke for extra fun times in the car. We will meet Sentry Mode, Maps and Lane Change Visualizations now being well-improved.

The ‘Feeling Lucky” new feature has an option that it will send you to a random place where you can enjoy a meal or a known location that you like. All of these are very well-reviewed.

Other significant features include Tesla Theater and Tesla Arcade.


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