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Valve Discontinues The Steam Controller – Price Slashed Down To $5 For The Last Batch

A lot of gaming companies launched all kinds of cool controllers during the past couple of years. But it’s worth noting that not all of them managed to become successful.

For instance, the Nintendo 64 controller which shipped with an innovative button layout that was created with the goal of making it more fun to play games.

On the other hand, it seems that players did not quite like it, and things did not exactly go as planned. Nintendo decided to discontinue this.

We have the very same situation with the Steam Controller made by Valve. This device was launched back in 2013.

Valve decided to discontinue the Steam Controller

Let’s go down on the memory lane for a bit. Valve first revealed the Steam Controller back in 2013, and then it had some pretty high hopes that this was supposed to be a success.

The company was hoping that the Steam Controller will be adopted by all the PC players, especially since we consider that it shipped with two trackpads on the front and also two paddles on the back.

This made it ideal for the shooting games that users were able to find on Steam. One other great issue about the Steam Controller is that it has lots of customization features and gyroscopic options.

Valve slashes the price for the Steam Controller 

But, it’s also important to note the downsides. The controller has never lived up to this initial hype, and the PC players decided that it’s best to use the controllers from their PlayStation or Xbox consoles.

This is the main reason for which Valve was recently forced to cut the price for the last batch of the controller to $5.

Anyway, Valve fans who are keen on getting a new controller for such a low price should order it as soon as possible, considering the acft that it’s no longer manufactured.

Valve did not comment on the issue.


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