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Valorant’s Raze​ Has Been Nerfed – Where Does it Stand Now?

​Since the Valorant Closed Beta released her, Raze and her large collection of damaging abilities have become the topic of some fierce controversy.

Although not as controversial as Reyna or Killjoy and their abilities, Raze has sparked quite a few differences in opinion, which was actually enough to split the player base of the game in two.

Raze​ in Valorant – Where Does She Stand Now?

In the right hands, Raze can be extremely oppressive, and all that mobility and damage it can do is able to rip through the enemy lines in a matter of seconds. Her Boom Bot and Paint Shells can effectively delay aggressive rival pushes while owning sufficient kill threat to do some easy damage.

Still, following the protests within the Valorant community, the developers had no choice but to nerf her a bit. In addition, the fact that each of her abilities is able to deal damage runs as a counter to what Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent said about gunplay and abilities in the game back in 2019.

Therefore, balance changes had to be made. Right now, Raze​ has decreased damage and area of effect on her Blast Packs, and the complete number of Paint Shells she can carry has been nerfed, as well as how often it can refresh with kills and time.

Raze on Valorant’s Professional Stage

In terms of professional level, Raze​ is not performing as well as some expected. Similar to Reyna, she is one of the least selected Agents in the whole Ignition Series. The lowest pick was probably in the recent FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational, where she only scored 42 percent.

Still and all, Raze​ is slowly started to be picked as a map-specific Agent, and it was Bind, where she registered a remarkable pick rate of 76 percent. So unless it is Bind, overall, Raze​ is not getting picked much in Valorant.

Raze in Solo/Duo-Queues

In Solo/Duo-queue Valorant competitive games, Raze​ is one of the most picked Agents among all the others, along with Sage and Jett. Her popularity is still high in every ranked tier, but her win rate is rather average and sometimes even below average.

Raze’s ranking in Solo/Duo-queues. [Image:]
So, overall, she will stand somewhere in the B tier. Even after all the modifications, she is still one of the most popular Agents when it comes to professional play.

Raze is Hiko’s ‘Most Comfortable’ Valorant Agent

100 Thieves’ star Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin recently said in his stream with Fortnite star Ninja and Jordan Fisher that Raze​ is, long way, his most comfortable Agent.

Even though Raze​ appears to be a rather odd choice for a Valorant professional, who usually revolves their favorites around Jett and Omen, we see why Hiko considers Raze​ one of the best Agents.

In the Ignition Series tournament, Hiko was one of the very few players who was choosing Raze​ both inside and outside of Bind. Therefore, when sharing with Jordan Fisher that Raze​ is his favorite Agent within the game, we could see that he was rather genuine.


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