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Valorant Will Launch Soon And A GeForce Now Release Is On The Cards, Also

Unfortunately, there might be a pretty boring summer this year with desolated beaches, due to reasons we’re all aware of. But many gaming companies are struggling to lend us a hand for making our experience of staying at home as enjoyable as possible. Riot Games is one of those companies, as it plans to release the multiplayer first-person shooter ‘Valorant’ this summer.

But one of the ongoing issues is that Riot Games is not yet decided about making the game available for GeForce Now or not. As the developers from NVIDIA are stating: “GeForce NOW instantly transforms nearly any laptop, desktop, Mac, SHIELD TV or Android mobile device into the PC gaming rig you’ve always dreamed of. Instantly play the most demanding PC games and seamlessly play across your devices.”

Valorant will be free to play, and it might also launch on GeForce Now

Riot Games intends to make its Valorant game a free to play title for PC owners. Gamers used to enjoy their favorite titles on other platforms are hoping that Valorant will be available for consoles and mobile devices, but there’s no objective reason to believe so.

But the biggest hope is that Riot Games’ upcoming title will be available for GeForce Now, as the NVIDIA-owned game streaming platform has already gained an impressive fanbase.

The Express Online did an interview with Game Director Zoe Ziegler, as he explained that Riot Games hasn’t yet come to a decision regarding the compatibility of the game with any streaming service. The guy declared:

“There are a lot of new cloud gaming and streaming platforms now that are providing services that we haven’t discussed working with. In terms of whether or not we’d support them, I think that would both be about understanding what those services could provide to our players, and whether or not those services could support the high performance and networking standards we want to enforce for our game.”

As for the release date, there isn’t an exact time announced. However, we can expect Valorant to land during the summer if all goes according to the plan. There’s already a closed beta version of the game that launched on April 7.


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