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Valorant – Two Great Solutions to the Operator Issue

In a game like Valorant, balancing Agents is not the only thing the developers have to keep an eye on. Besides Agents, weapons also require regular tweaking, as, at times, they feel more overpowered than abilities.

However, the developing team is launching new patches that are nerfing the broken items in the game. Now in patch 1.6, the Valorant​ developers released an update that balanced the shotguns in the title, which was a rather necessary change, as weapons such as Judge and Shorty were starting to become a bit too overpowered in the hands of some high-mobility Agents like Raze and Jett.

The Operator is Screaming for a Change

​Still, even though some weapons are facing balance changes in Valorant​, other items are yet to see any nerfs since the closed beta came to an end. The weapon that needs the most change is the Operator, which is by far the heaviest tool in the game, more so when a defender uses it.

The Operator’s overpowered ability is not so because the weapon is easy to use, but because the tool is incredibly hard to master, and similar to the AWP in CS: GO, it needs a rather huge amount of skill to manage. The Valorant​ Operator is broken because of the lack of in-game utility, as the FOS god and popular streamer, Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek says in a recent video he published.

Does the Operator Belong in Valorant?

The Operator is very appealing, while very broken and offering counterplay almost next to nothing. According to Shroud, ‘if you’re oping a certain angle and a Phoenix or Breach flashes, chances are you can sidestep and step back in like nothing happened.’

Valorant​’s lead character designer, Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott, has taken notice of this issue; however, he feels that unlike CS: GO, Valorant​ cannot afford to have a ‘pop-flash’ mechanic to combat the Operator.

On the other hand, Shroud says that, as things are now, the Operator doesn’t belong in the game, and that ‘they [Riot Games] don’t want pop flashes in the game because it would make it a little more skillful. They want to make the game easy for everyone, so when they introduce a character, they want the character to be relatively easy to play.’

Viable Solutions to the Operator Problem by Shroud

In his recent video, Shroud suggested two different ways of dealing with the Operator issue in Valorant​:

A flash ability like Jett’s Cloudburst

This feels like a great solution. A new Valorant Agent with a Cloudburst flash, or tweaking the way Breach and Phoenix flash works, would solve a lot of the Operator’s heavy nature.

Increasing the price of the Operator

The second solution proposed, increasing the risks to match the rewards of the Agent, would be a great solving to the issue. ​According to Shroud, enhancing the cost of the weapon from 4,500 to 5,500 credits will improve the risks highly.

Valorant​ players will have to think twice before purchasing the Operator and be on fleek with their precision if they do end up getting it. Failing with the Operator will only leave the team’s economy in pieces.


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