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Valorant to Receive Elderflame Skin Set That Transforms Your Gun Into a Giant Dragon

Riot Games has revealed the first-ever Ultra Edition skin in the newly-released game Valorant ​is scheduled to launch later this week as the Elderflame skin set.

The new additions will be some of the most exclusive and intricate in the game, providing players with another level of customization in comparison to the regular skin sets we have seen in the title until now.

Although we only get a tiny peek of the Elderflame set in the reveal trailer, it is apparent just how much of an enhancement over the other skins this set will be.

Impressive Graphics

The Elderflame​ skin set will be released in the Valorant store on July 10th, which is this Friday. Initially, the price for the bundle was not mentioned, but later on, Joe Lee, revenue lead on Valorant, has revealed that the price of the full set will be 9900 Valorant points, which equates to about $95.

The set itself seems to change your gun into a dragon, which looks rather stunning, so we can say it is worth the not-so-cheap price tag. The reveal trailer showcases the skin set with some type of animation on the weapons, which makes the gun move while being held by the player and reloaded.

It also seems to pack custom death effects, as well as a knife that has some kind of fire particles. When it comes to cosmetics, it seems to be one of the most insane we have seen yet.

It is great now that Riot’s team shooter Valorant has been out for some time to get really cool skins. The bundle of new additions is dramatic and over the top, more so when it turns into animated dragons. They can swing their little arms, breathe fire, and even help you reload the gun.

While more is yet to be announced, the teaser trailer seems to show skins for the Vandal, Frenzy, Operator, Bucky, and melee, which would go perfect with the number of skins other sets have had.

Elderflame​ Skin Set’s Price

Probably the most impressive and interesting feature in the new set is the giant dragon hologram that breaths fire after an elimination takes place with the Operator skin. This could be rather epic if you win a match with this particular weapon and skin combination and see it play in slow motion.

With the price now announced, players have reportedly been expected to see the Elderflame bundle sit around the $100 mark for the complete bundle. Other sets have already torn the $70 mark, which has initially caused some criticism from players, but with the extra detail and premium edition status of the Elderflame​ set, $95 is really a good price.


However, it will be rather interesting to see how this premium set sells, as it could decide the further expensive skin sets. If it sells well, you can probably anticipate some more premium skins like this to roll out in Valorant. Still, if it doesn’t sell well, there will probably be a return to more affordable bundles.


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