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Valorant Reveals Ignition Series for the eSports Tournament

Riot Games is now collaborating with two dozen eSports organizations in order to bring new events to Valorant within the Ignition Series. The events were just announced by the gaming studio, which aims to bring the title to the eSports scene.  

While the developers have recently stated they plan to partner with third-party companies, no exact plan has been revealed. However, the program got changed yesterday.  

What is the Valorant Ignition Series?  

The Ignition Series will be available all over the world and will try to be the driving board for Valorant’s competitive scene. The creators of the game choose to quickly make this move due to the fact that numerous players are shifting to Valorant from other FPS titles.  


Whalen “Magnus” Rozelle, Riot Games Senior Director for Global eSports, announced that the company has partnered with more than twenty eSports organizations to gift Valorant players with a set of exciting events.  

Although there were already tournaments being held for the game, the Ignition Series will be Riot Games’ first attempt to push the development of Valorant’s competitive stage.  

Ignition Series Schedule  

The series is scheduled to officially kick off on June 19th, featuring two different events. The eSports Valorant invitational will have eight teams from Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The teams will fight each other for the grand prize and the chance to be renowned.  

Rage, the largest eSports event in Japan, will also be holding Valorant’s first tournament in the country. The event will have 16 teams battling for the grand prize of 500,000 Yen.  


The Rage tournament is scheduled to take place from June 20th to June 21st, and it is expected to be full of action.  

Riot Games has unveiled that the Ignition Series would run during this fall, and will coincide with the launch of Valorant’s First Episode. There was no official date reveal for the Ignition Series, but the tournament will likely continue until there is a global champion. 

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