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Valorant Ranked – Release Date And Goodies

The official Valorant Ranked System has been released for North American servers, and it will soon be available on European servers alike.

Riot Games with a post confirmed the release of the new update:

“In the next 30 minutes, we’re going to turn ranked on in North America. If all goes well there, we’ll turn ranked on in Europe after the hotfix patch (so after 9:30 am CEST on May 1).


We also… reserve the right to turn off ranked at any time if things get weird.”

However, the Ranked System should go live for all players by 3 pm GMT on May 1, 2020.

Playing It Safe

The developers were cautious with the new release to avoid new fans up for no reason.

The release was premeditated by many announcements, warnings, and even excuses from the developers for each day of additional delay.

Here is one such message:

“Tomorrow we’re deploying a hotfix patch to address some exploits, fix two bugs, and revert the headshot sound. If all goes well after this… maybe ranked.”


The new ranked mode would provide rated matchmaking for players who completed at least 20 Unrated matches.

The only downside to that is that the closed beta rank you achieve won’t be carried over to the full game this summer.


Riot Games said that the ranking would be divided into eight levels: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Valorant, the highest possible rank.

Thankfully, your rank depends strongly on your winning games instead of all games.

“Valorant’s Competitive mode uses the same in-game rules and format as the Unrated mode, but with a focus on higher-stakes competition,” Riot Games stated.

They also revealed that they plan to keep the Unrated mode always available so that players don’t de-rank when they don’t feel like playing seriously.

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