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Valorant New EGO skin collection: Release Date and Prices

Valorant is the new multiplayer video game from Riot Games. Ever since the game went live worldwide, gamers are very keen on trying it out. Having a nice skin doesn’t help your game performance, but it surely makes you feel more like a pro. Therefore, the game developer offers skin bundles. The latest Valorant skin bundle is called EGO, and it offers some cool skins for weapons and knives.

I must say the weapons look very fancy splattered with gold, black, and white. The combination of colors makes the guns and knives pop up in the game. Inspired by the real world, the EGO skins are the creation of OneTap. According to Riot Games, the new bundle is “Valorant’s exploration into real-world style.”

“(It is) a moment to explore global style and streetwear taste for players in our game,” Riot added, which is a nice change coupled with the game’s whole fantasy theme. However, this bundle includes only the top weapons from each class. Therefore, the EGO by OneTap collection doesn’t include sniper rifles and light machine guns. Here are the top four weapons in Valorant:

  • Ghost, 
  • Vandal, 
  • Guardian, 
  • Stinger.

The first three weapons are the best; however, players have mixed feelings about the Stinger. The last gun could be considered a “One-tap” gun. Get ready as the bundle goes live tomorrow, September 17.

The EGO by OneTap collection 

You can acquire the complete collection for 7,100VP. However, this is not the best deal. Riot Games offers single skin options as well, which are more affordable. The price for the Ghost, Vandal, Stinger, and Guardian skins is 1,775VP. On the other hand, the knife skin is available for 3,550VP.

The complete skin collection includes others, such as a player card, spray, and gun buddy. If you are not a fan of the colors mentioned above, Riot Games offers other color pallets: deep red, pink, and green. However, the 7,100VP skin bundle is not cheap. 


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