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Valorant is Preparing for a Full Launch – Here’s the Exact Release Date

Valorant, the tactical shooter that has become a massive hit after the closed beta was made available, is preparing for a full release, which is scheduled for June 2nd. The popular title, previously known as Project A, is currently only accessible on PC after it was made available in this form in April.

Riot Games will make the current beta version run until May 28th, at which point it will be shutting down the game to get everything ready for release. As soon as the game goes live, in-game progression will be reset, but you won need an acquiring code to play this time.

Enhanced Gameplay

The title broke records on Twitch when it was released in closed beta form, boasting 1.7 million concurrent viewers. Riot Games revealed that Valorant will get a new game mode, a new agent, and a brand new map for the complete launch. The developer also said that it will also be focusing on the roll-out of new servers in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid, and Warsaw to make sure that all games are hosted with low waiting time.

Riot is evidently focusing on a competitive esports scene with this, in a similar manner they did with League of Legends. The title is created with 144fps support from the start, with an elegant art direction helping with numerous machines to offer that, and data centers placed around the globe to help with low latency, as well as a 120Hz server tick rate, which makes sure that Valorant is depicting player actions as precisely as possible.

Riot Games’ Anna Donlon, Executive Producer, and Joe Ziegler, Game Director, are taking more about the bit 1.0 in the video below:

Although the game has been very successful, its release has been jammed by an arguably invasive anti-cheat system, known as Vanguard, which takes incredibly low lever access to the operating system to help prevent cheaters.

However, Valorant’s mix of tactical shooter and hero characters has become extremely popular, with hits of Overwatch and GS: GO in its uptight 5v5 action.


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