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Valorant: How to Control the Shadows with Omen

Valorant is definitely all about precision, just like Riot Games keeps telling players, but it also requires creativity. The one character that describes this the most is Omen. Precision here refers to the gunplay and your requirement to aim with skill and speed. Creativity can be employed where the agent abilities and tactical positioning come into view. 

Omen’s ability to position, reposition, and show up in unexpected places is unique, and this Valorant guide will give you some tips to get creative with the character and help spread fear among the other players. Omen is a genius when it comes to mind games, and is unmatched at defense and attack; although he appears to be a bad guy, his lines about Sage say otherwise. 

Omen’s Most Useful Ability – Dark Cover 

Omen’s signature ability, Dark Cover, is definitely the most advantageous and useful. You can use it in a similar way to Brimstone’s Sky Smoke to block corridors, but because of the way Dark Cover acts, you can also perform some neat tricks with it that makes it better than Sky Smoke. 

The best tip we can give you when it comes to Dark Cover in this Valorant Omen guide is this: when you cast Dark Cover, don’t just put it in the area you want to block, but lift it off the ground a bit. When the orb takes shape, it will leave a space below for a couple of seconds, which you can glance under. Because the enemies will be closer to the orb, they won’t be able to see it, but you can use it to fire away. 

Omen [Image: Valorant/Riot Games]
Dark Cover refreshes after 35 seconds, so it is better to use it as soon as the round begins and get the recharge timer going. When you’re attacking, if you know the rival is holding an angle on the bomb site, employ Dark Cover to obstruct their vision and provide time for your team to push onto the area. 

You can cast the ability onto a site or down a corridor and then employ Shrouded Step to teleport into it. It is a rather high-risk play, but if you put the Dark Cover well in the place, you can kill a few enemies before they have the time to realize that it is going on.  

Shrouded Step and Back Shooting 

Shrouded Step allows you to move unseen, which is a rather unique ability this character has. You can reveal your position to an enemy only to use the ability then to quickly move someplace else. If the rival decides to push you, you can freely shoot them in the back. 

In terms of defense, you can employ Shrouded Step to get into combative positions the rivals won’t expect. As they get past you, eliminate as many of them as you can. Merge this method with a teammate who has the safe angle to better take advantage of it. 

Shrouded Step can also be utilized to get into some great defensive positions. It allows you to teleport on top of boxes and other objects to hold unexpected angles, and even during combat, you can use it to deceive your enemies and shoot them in the back. 

Casting Paranoia 

Initially, lots of players believed Paranoia is the best ability Omen came with, but in time, they realized both Dark Cover and Shrouded Step are more powerful; however, Paranoia is still an amazing feature. 

Valorant agent Omen. [Image: Valorant/Riot Games]
You can use it to clear a zone you think a rival might be hiding around. Shoot Paranoia before peeking the angle to make sure the enemy doesn’t spot you. It is best to fire the ability into closed spaces, which guarantees hits on several rivals. Paranoia also blinds your allies, so you should keep in mind this before using it. If you have thrown the bomb, you can hide behind cover and aim Paranoia at the Spike. When you hear the defusing noise, send Paranoia at the rival for a perfect blind. 

Omen’s Ultimate – From the Shadows 

Omen’s Ultimate can be amazing at sowing doubt in the rival team. It can generate some fear about your location, which your group can take advantage of. Usually, when you use From the Shadows, enemies will make sure their back is safe, so you need to think cleverly about where you choose to teleport.

Another great tip is to keep in mind that you cancel your Ultimate if you see a rival. In addition, From the Shadows can also be utilized as a fake. You can employ it to teleport next to yourself, which will enable you to remain with your team while making the rival team doubt. If you have the Spike and most of the enemy team is on one bomb site, you can use your Ultimate in order to teleport to the opposite bob zone and carry out a defensive position. 

Overall, Omen is a great character as you can play mind games with your rivals and keep defeating them by using creative methods and angles. Moreover, all his abilities are useful, unlike other characters in Valorant. 

I hope this Valorant Omen guide helps you handle the character and sow fear into the hearts of your enemies. If you would like some tips on how to unlock the battle pass or how to fix certain issues in Valorant, you can do so in the links provided. 


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