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Valorant FFA Deathmatch Debuts in Act II This Week [Beta]

Act II is going live in Valorant, and it brings forth a new game mode: FFA Deathmatch!

The game mode will be launched in a Beta test window on August 5 after the patch release. After monitoring game stability and server performance, Riot Games will leave the game mode on for players to enjoy. Here’s how this mode should look like.

FFA Deathmatch

There will be 10 players with no abilities, but with infinite money.

The winner will be the player that gets the first 30 kills or the most kills in 6 minutes.

Players can use absolutely any weapon; they can buy them, and swap them any time. Players will spawn with heavy armor and will not be able to use or buy abilities.

Respawning is also tweaked: spawn points will be close to the action, but always far from enemies that are in the line of sight. Spawned players will also have their backs to the wall. There will be a 3 second respawn timer and 8 seconds of invulnerability, which will help you safely swap weapons. Once you start moving or firing, the invulnerability goes away.

Players can always leave the match from the options menu, but they won’t receive XP from the game they have dropped out from.

Every death will yield a health pack that expires after 10 seconds. Running over it will restore 100/50 health.

UAV – a radar will reveal all players’ location every 5 seconds to avoid corner camping and making players constantly move.

To have a killing streak, you have to secure other kills in a certain window of time.

Act II Battlepass

Riot will also release Act II Battlepass, which is 1000 VP, and it will come with unlockables (gun skins, gun buddies, sprays, player cards, player titles, and Radianite Points). Act 2 Batttlepass is set to be released today, on August 4.

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