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Valorant Beta Closes Today so the Developer Can Prepare for the Full Launch

Valorant‘s beta version is set to close as the servers will shut down later today, on May 28th, so that the developer, Riot Games, can get the title ready for the full release scheduled for next week.

According to the announcement made by the gaming studio, the official end time for the closed beta is 9 a.m. PT, but, allegedly, players can complete their matches until 10:30 a.m PT.

As soon as the beta version closes, you will not be able to play anymore until the full game is released on June 2nd. Moreover, all the progress you made in the beta mode will be reset when the official version launches, except for the rewards earned in the player pass. These will be the only items that will be transferred to the full game next week, along with the points that you purchased. These will be refunded, and you’ll also get an additional 20 percent in your account.

Players Called for Launch Delay Until the Hit Direction Issue is Solved

In the meantime, players are awaiting a new experience with the launch of the official version of Valorant on June 2nd. Soon after the release, Riot Games has promised new content, such as a new agent, a new map, and a brand new game mode for the title, with more content to follow in the summer.

There’s no information at the moment regarding the differences between the closed beta and the final launch version of the game, but it is safe to assume that the official title will be improved from the beta. One of the major issues in the game players have noticed is hit direction, which is not functioning as intended.

Many players have suggested for the launch to be delayed until this issue is addressed, as it can create random fights that affect the competitive aspect of the game. However, the studio has pledged to fix this, and while we are not sure if it will be ready by the time the game launches, it seems unlikely Riot Games would release Valorant without the issue being fixed.


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